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About Us

Here is something about us, the team who runs this website…

We are the web consultants at GuamWEBZ, a Guam-based, web design and development company.

This website, www.guamdiabetes.org, has been built and managed by GuamWEBZ, for free, and presented to the Guam Diabetes Association and the People of Guam as a “gift”, to assist in the efforts to prevent and control diabetes, especially on Guam.

We believe that everyone should try to help their respective community in any which way they know how. We know how to build websites. This is why we believe that we can help spread the word about diabetes on Guam through the use of the internet. Now families, students, educators, and any interested person can access information about diabetes on Guam, through this website, 24/7.

Being behind a desk, staring at a computer screen for long hours through the day…we understand how easy it is to ignore our health and give into unhealthy snacking habits, and tend to lack of exercise. We realized the danger of diabetes when one of us was deemed “borderline diabetic”. It was time to make a change in our life style.

With the help of the Guam Diabetes Association, the various Physicians who helped make this website possible, and all our other supporters, we are now able to help our fellow islanders come to the same realization. “Change your life style to live a more healthy life.” Help Fight Diabetes.

Contact GuamWEBZ if you would like to help keep this website up and online.

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