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2015  Calendar of Events

January 13/15

Diabetes Session /Speaker: Christopher Surla, Health Educator from DPHSS/BCHS
Topic: “ The Double Trouble of Diabetes & Tobacco Use.”

January 18/15

Diabetes Outreach: Volunteer Fair hosted by PDN and Rotary Club of Guam
Micronesia Mall/ GDA conducted Health Screening /table display/ counseling.

February 10/15

Diabetes Session /Speaker-Cheryl Buckley, RN,BSN, USNaval Hospital Guam
Topic: “ Diabetes Management and Self-Monitoring.”

March 10/15

Diabetes Session/ Speaker:: Dr. Edna G. Acuna, MD,,CWS, FAPWCA from GRMC
Topic: “Diabetes and How it Impacts Wound Healing”

March 21/15

Community Outreach at Payless Kick the Fat 5K Run at the Paseo
GDA - Table Top Display distribute Diabetes Brochures.

March 27/15

Simon Sanchez High School Health Fair/ Table Top Display

March 28/15

Joint Community Outreach- Diabetes Alert Day Health Fair
Conducted Health Screening

April 14/15

Diabetes Session/ Speaker: Dr. Peter Lombard, MD Ophthalmologist, USNH Guam
Topic: “ Diabetes Retinopathy.”

April 25/ 15

Cost-U-Less Dededo Diabetes Outreach
Conducted Health Screening/ Table Top display/ counseling

May 12/15

Diabetes Session/ Speaker : Dr. Eric Walsh, MD , DPH Guam SDA Clinic
Topic: “Looking Beyond the Disease of Diabetes”

June 9/15

Diabetes Session/ Speaker: Patrick Luces, DPHSS Diabetes Program Coordinator

Topic: “ Diabetes and Non-Communicable Disease crisis in Guam.”

June 13/ 15

Immaculate Heart of Mary ( IHOM) Health Fair, Toto Church
Conducted Diabetes Outreach/ Health Screening/ counseling

June 20/15

Senior Outreach Awareness Fair, Agana Shopping Center Court
Conducted Health Screening / Glucose/ Blood Pressure Testing/ table top display.

July 7/15

Diabetes Session/ speaker : Dr. Edwin Supit, MD from TakeCare
Topic: “ Healthy by Choice.”

August - December

GDA conducted Free Health Screening/ Table Top Display
DEEP Project Visiting the Villages for Diabetes Education in Partnership with Mountain Pacific Quality Health Group

August 8/ 15

Diabetes Community Outreach at Cost-U-Less, Tamuning
Conducted Health Screening, Glucose, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Testing.

August 11/15

Diabetes Session: Speaker: Jackie Cabrera

Topic: “ TBA .”

August 29/15

Community Outreach at Island Fresh Supermarket Chalan Pago
Conducted Blood Pressure/ Glucose Screening /Counseling/ Table top display


Diabetes Session:/ Speaker: Jennifer Holbrook Fergurgur, CDM, CFPP

Topic: “ Diabetes Management and Nutrition.”

Oct. 13/15

Diabetes Session/ Speaker: DR. Bob Barber, PhD

Topic: " Obesity and Diabetes. "

October ( TBA)

Primera Health Fair Hosted by First Hawaiian Bank, / Agana Shopping Center

November ( TBA)

Diabetes Month ( November ) Proclamation Signing . Governor’s Conf. Room

November 7/15 Kids Camp -in Partnership with Diabetes Coalition
November 15/15 16th Annual Guam Diabetes Conference / Hilton Guam Resort & Spa
December 6/15 Volunteers Appreciation / Christmas Party